You’ll Get The Paddle!

My son’s girlfriend was pledging for a business fraternity, and she needed a paddle. Being a normal broke college student, she doesn’t have a lot of money to buy a fancy paddle. She asked if I could make one for her. No problem. I love little projects like this. It’s even made out of makore. I bought a single board last year to make a sample for a project, and I had this lonely piece of makore waiting to be made into something. The shape and lettering were copied from a picture on a website. I never trace anything, or use any kind of pantograph. I just sketch everything out by eye, and go from there. The letters were routed out freehand with a small laminate trimmer using a very cool engraving router bit. It is so stable you can practically steer it with two fingers. It sure makes projects like this a little easier. I finished it off by sanding to 220 grit, and applied my own brew of wipe-on poly thinned out with mineral spirits.



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